Jan 22, 2013

My favourite TV shows

Tonight`s the night, as would say a hero of my favourite series! As I am a big fan of TV shows ( at least some of them) and I decided to spend this evening going through my favourite ones and to do a post on this topic!
In my opinion, the series I am telling about  below are clever, funny, entertaining, genious and I highly recommend them to you!

 " Sometimes there are events in life that change our DNA." I agree. Completely. 
We all come to this world being sweet light little babies, but after cruel world  turns its terror to us, we begin to punish other people. That`s Dexter`s story in a few words.
Somehow a psychopath that kills and choppes up people into pieces to feed his hunger is not only not repulsive but likable! Arguably, he saves more lives than he ends!
The consept of the series learns us that Good and Evil are very relative. They are always nearby. Sometimes they are interchangeable. Not easy to judge or be judged.
And I think that this is the first TV criminal drama when you  feel that the the scenario  was written by people who were boiled thoroughly in all this shit and UNDERSTAND what are they writing about! So at times this pieces of crazyness can go all messy and disgusting, but totally WORTH this!
This TV show is so dynamic! So deeply thought-provoking! Smart! Funny! Spectaculare! 
WATCH OUT: You are gonna get really obsessed with this thing, no matter what you have expected!

2. The Vampire Diaries
Beautiful girl. Two vampire brothers - one good ,one evil - at war for her soul. Love. Passion. Mystery. Death. Eternity. Great combo, huh? And I would add that this is the best filmed love story I have ever seen!
This show`s totally blowing my mind, as it is played in DIABOLICALLY suspenseful manner! Now I am on season one (of four) and dying to know which one she will choose!

3. Grimm
"A police detective, who's a descendant of a unique family of hunters, tracks supernatural creatures in this dramatic series that puts fairytale monsters in modern times." 
The pilot peaks interest from the first five minutes of watching! A hero begins to see very strange stuff on the streets - as it turns out, Crimm`s fairy tales isn`t a work of fiction and he has to live double life saving people from evil cunning supernatural beings! EXCELLENT! I have not completed the show yet, and I anticipate a great deal of fairy-tale!

4. Haven
"Haven is supernatural drama loosely based on the Stevphen King novel Colorado Kid." I personally looove his books!He is a master! But it can NOT be easy making a series based on his books! Too much things that remain untold, too much hints, allegories! Bravo to cast and crew who tried to bring this project into life and it worked!Brilliant! 
For those, who are into S. King creativity - MUST BE SEEN!

Not much to say, really. Just the BEST TV show I have ever watched. It shows what friendship should be like, when your friends will do anything for you and you will act the same way! 
All of those six friends - Joey, Monica, Ross, Rachel, Chandler , Phoebe- are magnificent! 
The character I like the most is Phoebe, becouse she did not lose a belief in people after everything that had happened to her when she was a teenager and was capable to look on the bright side of life! Unbridled awesomeness of acting, cheeful characters, not growing old jokes ( it cracked me up so much I cried) of the series won from me a label of Greatest TV show in the history of ever!
Basicly the series shows you how to live, love, work , make friends ( and keep them through years) and be happy!

Thanks for reading!
And  if you can suggest some favousire TV shows of yours I will be glad to try watching them as well!!!


  1. Oh my goodness I am completely obsessed with Dexter! Only up to Season 6, waiting to buy Season 7. Cannot wait though - ha :)
    Have you ever watched Breaking Bad? It's amazing, I personally think it may be just or even better than Dexter!
    I would recommend it though!!
    Love Kate xo


    1. Hi Kate!I am glad I found someone who is agree with me that Dexter rocks!)))

      Have not watched Breaking Bad but now I am gonna go and check it out!Thanks!!!!!