Jun 29, 2013

Weekend in the country

These days we took a road trip to the counrty , it was quite joyful and interesting, but we got home completely exhausted because of the scorching heat of this summer!
Look at the pics of our beautyful Ukrain we were taking! Everything looks so darling and native!
Time flies so fast I did not notice that we have actually lived the first month of the summer!
I did not took great care of my looks , just dressed comfortably and nature-fitting, and I won`t show you my outfit, but next post will be more about fashion( there are some great things I have bought lately to be 
shown),I promise! 

Jun 15, 2013

June evening

 Felt myself like a teenager walking aroung the nearby park in short shorts and eating ice-cream with my best friend!
These shorts I fashioned myself, here is a long story - they were bought from the charity shop as jeans, I loved the material and they were practically new, and then fashioned them by sewing a great orange label to the waist and gave them new lise as shorts!!!They are so comfortable, and I did not have a problem deciding what to wear with them - the first thought was about my white blouse,  the second - orange- pink hoodie! 
Each outfit is more than comfy and I can predict wearing them A LOT this summer!
Blouse Motivi
Shorts from Charity shop
Sneakers Adidas

Bloody Mary

Nothing is better on a hot summer day than the icy Bloody Mary! You can change so much about this recipe! For example, you can make it as spicy or mild as you want, use more or less hot sauce, and, of course, you can change the content of Vodka! Tomato is the one non-negotiable element of a Bloody Mary, without it the drink lacks its richness!
AS for me, I have adopted my recipe using a bit more ice cubes than necessary and a bit less of Vodka!
Sharing my pretty tasty alternative Bloody Mary recipy. Enjoy!
6 ice cubes
Vodka 100 ml
1dash of Tabasco sause
1/2 lemon
150 ml  tomato juice
pinch of salt and freshly ground black pepper
Shake it!

Jun 10, 2013

Beauty Bargain: Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions

Это  первое мое средство этой фирмы, и оно вполне соответствует моим ожиданиям: мягкая текстура, с которой легко и приятно работать( с ужасом вспоминаю L`oreal Alliance Perfect, который приходилось буквально вколачивать, а это ведь нам не надо, не так ли?), на лице смотрится совершенно незаметно, скрадывает недостатки кожи , и даже мелкие морщинки!
        Да и в принципе, мне очень сложно подобрать тональное средство, из-за  белой, белой, очень белой кожи. Даже летом я не загораю, у меня просто появляются веснушки, поэтому все тональные базы на мне смотрятся то розоватыми, то желтоватыми, и это первый жидкий мэйк, который  практически незаметен! 

Я использую оттенок Fresh Alebaster 01.