Mar 23, 2013


Lately I had some time for things I am in love with - a free evening for my drawings. 
Look what turned out of that!
This is how I see tulips!Always have been my favourite kind of flowers and I think a bit of impressionism while drawing them won`t prevent!

Cold sunny spring days spent somewhere out. Always feel myself satisfied and happy, just like in childhood, when my Mom took me to this same park and bought sweeties!

Blue, blue sky.

Have I ever mentioned that I am a sucker for home-made desserts?

And for long, long walks in the woods??

Hope you had a great week too, guys!

Mar 17, 2013

A post about posters

These days I ve been falling in love and finding inspiration in  the old-times american posters, specially with views of  cities on them. Thinking about getting one via internet to hang in my room, so I could get inspired for new acomplishments every time I look at it. Now I only have one of them as a screenshot on my computer, but it is not enough!
Just look at these! How timeless they are!
They are not expensive and can really make a difference in the decoration of any room! 

Finally: what is your answer to this question?I am exhausted, but it is definitely YES!
My work takes a loooot  time, I work out every other day( my body is in pain, my thought about it  is "PAIN is temporary. Quitting lasts forever" and I keep on) and off course I do my chores and run errands!
This poster is really cool and helps me stay on my way forward!

Mar 9, 2013


Days of my life are running! Seems like I am in a hurry all the time - but I am really enjoying the moments!
These pics were taken from the window of my friend`s car on a speed and it seems to me they really display how my life`s changing now!

And what about you? Do you like being in a running, when your days passing like crazy and  your conscience clear that you are doing the right thing? Then go! Go outside and do it! Whatever`s important to you, if you work hard, you are going to make a difference!

Mar 3, 2013

Warning: Dangerously Beautyful

She is Cara Delevingne. Any time, any style, any place - dangerously beautyful!
She is my favourite model at this time - she`s just fantastic, talented, hardworking, stunning, cheerful, charismatic and refine!

And who inspires you, guys?)

Mar 2, 2013

Go with diet!

Last month I promised to keep you up with my healthy diet, but things got so complicated with job searching, and my camera breaking, and something else, that I could not manage to do that. Though not being able to post about it, diet turned out so well, and now I want to reveal some my great findings for those who does not want to change a lot in the style of their lives because of the diet, but wants to make some adjustments in the whole way they eat!
First thing I did - I replaced sandwiches with salami and pork for sanwiches with light-salted salmon!
Massive caloric content reduction!
You can add some vegetables and seasonings as I did to make the taste jucier!

 And I said good-buy to chocolate and candies and hello to prunes and dried apricots !!!
Feel way better about myself!

And you know, it is not that kind of strict diet, when you are hungry all the time, or do not get to eat delicious! Just two slight changings  you do- lots of benefit you get!