Jan 18, 2013

Little thing to make you happy

Sometimes there are days when you feel weird way- you are dull, can not hold it together no matter how hard you try, it is like you just lose your day. You do not want to do your work out, do your job or  communicating with anyone.Well, I don`t have them very often (maybe, once in months, luckily). If you know what I am talking about, you must have found how devastating these days are. I can become a total bitch ( you may understand what I mean). But I have found  my own little anti-bitch device. It is pretty simple - to go and buy something you didn`t planned to buy. A book, a lovely pen, a journal, a bracelet.
So today I have bought an awesome red nailpolish to boost my mood up. It was sold for very reasonable price, and it looks wet on my nails  (I like it this way).

And be sure, this device works every time, without exceptions! Even smallest purchases will do! Love yourself, be nice to yourself. I already love you. XO

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