Jan 7, 2013


Second. Question is how long am I gonna name my posts like that?:DTo get  acquainted a little bit better I decided to share a short list of things that inspire me (and off course inspired me for this blog)!

1. Taking a deep breath on a cold winter day, espesially when it is not so cold but still the air is so fresh! Do you believe that one deep breath can lead to great accomplishments, help you start all over, be someone new? I really do! Here is a pic taken by me years ago in my very loved village where my grandparents live!

Snow desert 

2. Listening to my favourite song (which changes practically every other week) but there are some, that can boost my mood every time I am listeningto them! For the whole last year it has been Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus! I am absolutely sure these guys are incredible! Their songs helped me to get through some rough periods of time, they song for me round the clock, 24/7!   

Legendary band (always stylish as hell)

 3. It warms me through to the soul when my Mom makes me her special super delicious dinner or buys me beautiful presents by surprise! Her love inspires me the most . In her eyes I am always strong and  successful so I will do my best to please and try not to disappoint her!

4.  Watching amazing movie "Step Up"! The motto to me is : "Everyone can make a step up! Everyone can change his life to best! It is possible! No matter how damaged or screwed you are at the moment!Never give up!" And we wont,right, guys?:D

P.S. And it makes me smile that extremely talented actors also found their destiny and made a fabulous couple when worked on this movie. Well done!

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