Jan 15, 2013

Perfect morning

Don`t be surprised that I upload a post about a perfect morning in the evening. I had a morning like that today, this means i did not stuck in front of my comp as I always do, but did some things I rarely have time for, maybe that is why I enjoy them so much. 
I have a strong belief that a perfect morning is a morning of a day off. You don`t have to hurry for work, get ready for a difficult conversation with your boss or run endless errands. 
People can enjoy staying home from time to time. I mean, you have time for everything.
You have a piece of chocolate cake and cup of tea for breakfast. You even have time for f***ing decorating your plate with some black strawberry and vanilla sand. Plenty of time to try new face mask. To listen to some pieces of quality music loudly. I personally love to go through my wardrobe and combine new outfits for a current season. Reading new posts on your favorite blogs wouldn`t hurt, either! 
Maybe a few pieces of Dexter crazyness or Grimm`s mystery  and now you are thinking that your problems can be dealt quite easily , as it is not about maniacs or monsters! :D  

This is barely can be called a healthy diet, but this breakfast should differ. 

So, now you have a doubled dose of energy for your busy life after a morning spent like that and you can get back on track. There is not one established recipe, just find time to do what brings joy and fulfills smallest ones of your wishes!

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