Jan 6, 2013

Here we go!

   Hello everyone! My name is Ann! I am from known by its political scandals country called Ukraine))) I am 25 (yep, I even can not believe I am already that old as I am feeling just like a child in my soul) and I am a veterinarian ( a profession choosed me, I did Not choose it myself, but about it I will tell later).
Every day of my life there is a minute when I am thinking "WOW! It is worth trying!" or "Great! I would like to do it myself!" Would be awesome to go there, to do this, to check it out myself! It may be places, food, clothes, feelings, ideas, movies, music, drinks, books, sites, trips, cosmetics and so on! There are so many things in this life to live for! Sharing love, joy, interests - this is what life is all about! So...let us try together?

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  1. Love that skirt! Awesome look.
    follow me and I'll follow you. <3