Jan 10, 2013

Some pics from the holidays

This year I did nothing on holidays but slept and ate and watched way too much movies on Animal planet channel! Busy with all of these important things I managed to find some time for baking my very first cake. Not once have I seen my Mom baking it ( I even helped, mostly cleaning out the mess in the kitchen) but I have never done it all by myself! Yes, I like to cook, but baking pastry from scratch I thought was a little bit too much! And again Never say never! I was home alone and tried to impress everyone when they return and it worked out! Needless to say how proud I was of myself as my family and friends said it was the most delicious cherry cake they have ever tried! I know they may be a little biased, but still!

Pics are really lousy. I know. I was very hungry.:D

Also I decided to collect  little snowman-like Christmas-tree decorations. For now I only got four ones and a candle with a snowman picture on it.

I got for Christmas a present I could not even dream of! The most awesome earrings, designed and crafted by my old fellow! They shine and sparkle all the time with different colors! And I enjoy the thought  that nobody else has earrings like these!

The photo does eats half of the brightness but still I think it looks quite  pretty!

If you like it please send me your approval, it is very important for a guy who created these!

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