Mar 17, 2013

A post about posters

These days I ve been falling in love and finding inspiration in  the old-times american posters, specially with views of  cities on them. Thinking about getting one via internet to hang in my room, so I could get inspired for new acomplishments every time I look at it. Now I only have one of them as a screenshot on my computer, but it is not enough!
Just look at these! How timeless they are!
They are not expensive and can really make a difference in the decoration of any room! 

Finally: what is your answer to this question?I am exhausted, but it is definitely YES!
My work takes a loooot  time, I work out every other day( my body is in pain, my thought about it  is "PAIN is temporary. Quitting lasts forever" and I keep on) and off course I do my chores and run errands!
This poster is really cool and helps me stay on my way forward!

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