Jun 29, 2013

Weekend in the country

These days we took a road trip to the counrty , it was quite joyful and interesting, but we got home completely exhausted because of the scorching heat of this summer!
Look at the pics of our beautyful Ukrain we were taking! Everything looks so darling and native!
Time flies so fast I did not notice that we have actually lived the first month of the summer!
I did not took great care of my looks , just dressed comfortably and nature-fitting, and I won`t show you my outfit, but next post will be more about fashion( there are some great things I have bought lately to be 
shown),I promise! 


  1. What beautiful pictures, I love them. Great job, I feel very summery now. I really enjoyed this post Anna!

    Em x

  2. so pretty!!! what a fun trip!