Jul 7, 2013

#YES holiday

 The whole week I was doing just one thing - waiting for the holiday, after two weeks without rest I just could not take it more!
I needed a loooong day for watching the film I was going to watch for a way long period of time - an old good Warrior with Tom Hardy - I have heard some really positive words about it, and it turned out to be one of the best movies I have seen lately. 
And I needed time for a much wanted cup of coffee while talking this film over with my best friend.
And I wanted to spend some hours like a couch potato, that I do well, but there were times when I was excellent at that!!!
And I had to buy a new moisturizing cream, and that I did too, after having spent two hours at the shop and sweating a bit too much over this issue!The cream seems well and has such a nice fragrance! We`ll see how it will work on my face, but for now I am satisfied!
And I also wanted to show you my new bag from Braska which I am officially in love with !What do you think about it?
And this day seemed sooo short and yet it was lovely!
So... how did you spend the weekend?

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