Feb 14, 2013

Happy Valentine`s Day!

Happy Valentine`s Day!  I sincerely wish you were spending it with your belowed, and in case you do not have one currently, find him(or her) really soon!

For me today was all about :
Flowers. A bouquet of beautyful gentle white damp roses. Divine smell!

A walk in the park. Though the weather was chill and gloomy, it did not prevent us of having fun! Love the days when my mood does not correspond to weather!

A new bracelet from my very loved and the one person! I wanted it so much from the moment I saw it, but could not afford buying it! It was unexpected gift for two reasons: first -I am SO glad he remembered! second- I thought it already has been bought by somebody else!


  BTW it can be weared as a necklace as well!

 Last pics were taken with a scarf used as a background, which was given to me by my Mum! It is cotton and very nice to touch, I am gonna wear it a lot when spring comes ( today I am also celebrating the fact spring begins in two weeks, guyzzz!!)


  1. Happy V-day to you too.;) Your mum's gift is really great, love the print!

    1. Thank you so much! I went to your own blog and found out how interesting it is, you rock!

  2. Una pulsera preciosa




    1. Thanks, though I did not understant your comment even with translator!)))